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Registration FAQ

How do you determine which division a player is placed? Are kids placed by grade?

All players will be placed on a team based on their Little League Player Age and not based on their grade in school.  To determine a players league age please use the Little League Age Calculator Tool.  Two players might be in the same school grade, but can be a different League Age.

Can we make teammate or coach requests upon registration?

We will do our bet to honor teammate & coach requests  at the Tee Ball & A Division level for baseball and the Rookies and Minors Divisions in softball.  If you are registering for these divisions you will be asked your preference during registration.   In all other divisions players are divided based on skill level.  The ONLY teammate requests that will be honored at those levels will be siblings in the same division.

Carpooling is not a valid reason for a teammate request, all such requests will be denied.

Why do you collect health insurance and medical information at registration?

Each season parents are asked to complete Little League's Medical Release form in case of an accident during practice or a game.  Managers and coaches are asked to have these on hand at every game and practice in case something were to happen.  We are collecting this information at registration this year so it is one less thing that managers need to collect at the beginning of the season. 

When does the season begin & end?

Practices will begin in the middle of March and games will begin in early April and continue until the middle of June.

When are games played?

Games will begin in early April and are played during the week and on Saturdays.  Games are not scheduled on Sundays.  Weekday games are played in the evenings, with a start time of 5:45PM.  Saturday games are played throughout the day and can start as early as 9:00 AM or as late as 3:00 PM.

Where are games and practices played?

All games and practices are held at our Larkfield-Northport fields located in East Northport and Northport.  Please see our FIELDS home page for more details.

How many games are played each season?

The total number of games played will depend on the age and division.  Younger divisions will play between 10-12 games whereas the older divisions will play between 12-16 games during a season. 

What equpiment is needed to participate?

A uniform shirt, hat and socks will be provided by the league.  Players are asked to provide their own grey baseball pants, glove (face mask for softball) and non metal baseball cleats for practices and games.  Each team will be provided with team helmets, bats, tees and balls.  Many players purchase their own bat & helmet but it is not required.   Please see Bat Regulations before purchasing a bat.

What type of bat should i purchase?

Little League baseball and softball has specific bat regulations.  Before purchasing a bat, please read about Bat Regulations on the Little League Website before purchasing a bat.

How much are registration fees?

Category Cost League Age
Tee Ball $95 4-6
Baseball $175 7-13
Softball $175 7-13
Seniors Baseball $200 14-16
Intermediate Baseball $200 13

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes.  Our family maximum is set at $400 per family.  This discount will be applied at registration automatically as long as you register all of your kids at the same time.  This discount does not include any raffles that are purchased during registration.  If your discount is not applied, please email us so it can be corrected.

Can players play up a division?

Traditionally players are placed in the division associated with their league age.  Under certain circumstance players may play up.  The following are the ONLY scenarios in which a player may play up:

Tee Ball - If a player is a league age of  6 and has played one season of Tee Ball a parent may request to have this player move up to the A Division (Coach Pitch).

Baseball Divisions - A player may apply to the board to play up if he is born within 45 days of the age cutoff for a particular division.  Upon that time a skills evaluation will be conducted to determine if the player is better suited playing in a higher division.  There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Softball - It is highly recommended that the girls play in there appropriate age division.  If someone wants to be considered to play higher, they will be evaluated by the league.

Can players play down a division?

If a parent feels that their child does not have the skill to be playing in their appropriate division, they may request to have their child play down.  Please contact the player agent to find out more details.

Do I need to apply to be a coach or manager this season?

If you are interested in coaching or managing this season, please indicate your interest on your child's registration.  You will then be prompted to answer several coaching questions.  Managers are selected by the Board of Directors and approved by the President.  Coaches are selected by the Managers and approved by the Board.  Please see the Registration Home for coaching & managing details.

Where are games and practices played?

All games and practices are held our Larkfield-Northport fields located in East Northport and Northport.  Please see our FIELDS home page for more details.

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